Red Grim Reaper - Print by Chris Carrick

Ref:- P029

Print of The Grim Reaper (Father Time, death) against a fiery background. All sorts of things can be 'seen' in the fire - Gothic

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Laser Prints - Sizes S, M, XL

Magnetic Address Book

Bottle Opener Key Ring

Tobacco Tin


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The background for this picture was painted with a hot air paint stripper. Different colours of wax or put on the card, using the iron. It is then heated up again using a hot air paint stripper. The hot air melts the wax and you can blow it about. This makes the colours mix and gives this beautiful marbled effect. This is another straight copy of a painting, with one computer work at all, (well except for the enlarging bit). Due to the way it was done 'things' have a habit of turning up in the background, like the man's face, at the left hand side of the picture. He's in profile, looking at the reaper.


Small - 4"x3" Laser Print in a 8"x6" Mount Unframed - £3.00

Medium - 6"x4" Laser Print in a 10"x8" Mount Unframed - £4.50

XLarge - 15"x11" Laser Print in a 20"x16" Mount Unframed - £15.00

Magnetic Address Book - £3.50 (More Magnetic Address Books)

Bottle Opener Key Ring - £1.99 (All the Bottle Opener Key Rings)

Tobacco Tin - £3.99 (Different Tobacco Tins)



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