Storm Warriors - Print by Chris Carrick

Ref:- P007

Print of five warriors on horseback (warrior, horse, vikings, dark riders, swordsman, swordsmen) against a stormy sky - gothic

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This picture was the result of a fit of temper.
I had spent ages putting in lots of overhanging branches, with individual leaves, and when I finally finished.
I looked at it and said 'What a cluttered mess!' or words to that effect.
So I took my iron to it, meaning to wipe it out completely and this is what happened.
The most wonderful wind swept effect. One that I keep trying to repeat, but it never comes out quite this good. I guess the venom just isn't there when you try to do it a second time.
That fit of temper was the best fit of temper I have ever had.


Small - 4"x3" Laser Print in a 8"x6" Mount Unframed - £3.00

Medium - 6"x4" Laser Print in a 10"x8" Mount Unframed - £4.50

Large - 7"x5" Laser Print in a 12"x10" Mount Unframed - £6.00

XLarge - 15"x11" Laser Print in a 20"x16" Mount Unframed - £15.00

Magnetic Address Book - £3.50 (More Magnetic Address Books)

Tobacco Tin - £3.99 (Different Tobacco Tins)



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