Wave - Print by Chris Carrick

Ref:- P003

Print of wave against a stormy sky. There are many images within both sky and waves, some intentional, some not

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Laser Prints - Size XL only
Limited edition print of 150


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This is almost an abstract picture but when you look into it there are more images inside it. It was painted using a Black and Decker hot air paint stripper.
Try explaining to Black & Decker that you need a paint stripper repaired because you use it to paint with. For some reason they start looking for 'the men in white coats'.

When I painted it, all I noticed was a goblin in the wave. Once I hung it on the wall, it was an old woman that was watching me, not a goblin. Then I noticed the monkey, the witch and the eagle and the......

THEN I took it off the wall and had 150 prints taken from it.


XLarge - 15"x11" Laser Print in a 20"x16" Mount Unframed - £15.00


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