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Ordering & Paying

The prices shown are what you pay.
The only thing that needs adding is postage/shipping.
I am not VAT registered, so there is no hidden VAT/tax.
Prices are all shown in UK pounds.

Ordering / Paying / Prices / Postage/Shipping / Problems / Next / Contact

Once you know which encaustic paintings / prints you like best or which wax painting materials you want, decide how you want to pay and let me know the details.
You can use the shopping cart or contact me by phone, e-mail or post.

By phone, e-mail or post
Please don't forget your address and contact details, I need to know where to send your things too. A phone number and/or your e-mail address are useful. That way if there is a problem I can let you know straight away and sort it out. I want you to get your order as soon as possible.
You can print out a form and fill that in or just send me a note.

Order form for Encaustic Painting Materials
Order form for Encaustic Painting Originals & Prints

Phone Number is 01388 602831
+44 1388 602831 from outside the UK


I only accept payment in UK Pounds Sterling.
You can pay by cheque, postal order, bank transfer, cash (which isn't recommended), or online via Paypal.
Sorry but I can't accept credit/debit cards direct any more. It became that expensive when they brought in the chip'n'pin system that I ditched the merchant account. If you want to pay by credit card you need to use Paypal.

Cheques and Postal Orders should be in Sterling, payable to C Carrick and sent to:-

Chris Carrick
Almost Abstract,
3 Wharton St
Bishop Auckland
Co Durham
DL14 8PD

Please make sure you send your address, phone number and your E-mail address. That way if there is a problem I can let you know straight away and sort it out. I want you to get your order as soon as possible.

Prices & Postage

Everything on the site is individually priced, in UK pounds.
You get discount for bulk buying on some smaller items. The details are on the relevant pages.
There is a
Currency Converter if you need it. It opens in a pop up box, provided you aren't using a pop-up killer.

Postage / Shipping
Postage is automatically added at the checkout and is worked out based on the weight of your order.
If it charges you more than you need to pay, I do promise to refund the difference.

UK 1st Class  UK Parcel  EU Airmail  US/Rest of the World Airmail  Non-UK Surface Mail
Up to 100gms £1.90 -  £1.80  £2.30  £1.50
 101-250gms  £2.30 -  £2.90  £4.30  £2.80
 251-500gms  £2.90 -  £4.20  £7.20  £4.10
 501-750gms  £3.50 -  £5.90  £10.40  £6.10
 751-1,000gms  £4.20 -  £7.20  £13.20  £7.30
 1,001-1,250gms  £5.50  £5.50  £8.60  £16.10  £9.30
 1,251-1,500gms  £6.20  £5.50  £9.90  £18.90  £10.60
 1,501-1,750gms  £7.00  £5.50  £11.30  £21.80  £12.30
 1,751-2,000gms  £7.70  £5.50  £12.50  £24.50  £13.40
 2,001-4,000gms  £9.40  £8.20 On Request On Request On Request

None UK Shipping
I'll happily send things to any country.
Most orders take 5 or 6 working days to get to you, but.......
I only accept payment in UK pounds ie I DO NOT accept dollar checks of any sort.
However I can accept payment by Paypal or bank transfer.
Paypal is the most cost effective way, for both of us.
They sort out the currency exchange and usually give a decent exchange rate.

Your shipping charge is also based on the weight of the finished parcel.
Both air and surface mail have a 2kg limit. If you are weighs over that, I'll devide it up and send two parcels. It's usually cheaper to do it that way.

Currency Converter, - pop-up
Put it at one side of your screen and you will be able to convert my UK prices to your own any time you need to.


Any Problems
When you receive your order, if you are not happy with it for any reason. Let me know what the problem is, straight away.
I'll sort it out even if it means sending the item back for me to exchange it, repaint it or send you a refund.
Only please contact me first, so I know to expect it.


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