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Original Encaustic Wax Paintings

The original paintings shown here are all just the way I painted them.
If you would like an original, either choose from one of those shown or tell me what you would like and, if I can, I'll paint it and send you it, see Commissions for details

The Originals Shown Below
These all one offs. I can paint something similar but that is exactly what it is, similar, not the same. That is one of the beauties of an original, you have it and no one else does.
I admit when I come up with a style of picture I like, it does get painted more than once, but put two side by side and you will see differences, some subtle and some not so subtle. It is more fun painting different pictures than trying to paint the same thing over and over again.
I promise that I will (try and) keep the paintings show here as up to date as possible. However if the one you want has been sold before I get your order, let me know if you would accept a similar painting done on the same lines and I'll paint another, just for you.

Basically I don't like painting big. All my paintings are either 4" x 3" or 6" x 4"
So don't ask for anything larger. The answer will be 'no' and no one likes to hear that.

As these are originals they do need to be protected in some way. The best and easiest way is behind glass.
Encaustic paintings aren't smooth. The shading in a painting depends on the thickness of the wax, generally the thicker the wax the deeper the colour. This means that you need to keep an original away from the glass in a frame. So all my paintings come mounted in a black bevelled mount, which is thick enough to separate wax from glass.
The 4" x 3" paintings come in an 8" x 6" mount and the 6" x 4" ones come in a 10" x 8" mount.
These are standard photo frame sizes, which means you will have no problems finding a frame for them to match your decor.
I've found the posting paintings unframed is safer and cheaper than posted framed ones and it gives you a bigger choice of frame. I can only stock a limited number of styles.
If you would rather I framed one for you, please ask and I'll let you know what styles I have available.

A 4" x 3" original in an 8" x 6" black mount will cost you £14.99 unframed
A 6" x 4" original in a 10" x 8" black mount will cost you £29.99 unframed
Plus postage of course.
I hope you are impressed with those prices.
I think they are pretty good for originals.
Mainly because I like painting and the more people who want one and can afford it, the more I get to paint.

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Commissioned Paintings
If you like the idea of an original, but the 'right' one isn't shown here. Let me know and I'll paint you one.
The details both of us need to know is on another page. Commissioning a painting.

Currently available originals
Click on the little picture and it will take you to a bigger one.
The colours shown are as close as I can get them to the real thing, but computer screens do vary, so please expect some slight variations.
The black surround on the web page is sized to show what each painting looks like in it's mount.

I've split the thumbnails up into manageable chunks of 50.
The first 50, smaller originals are below.

Smaller original Encaustic Paintings - The first 50
4"x 3" originals in an 8"x 6" black mount

Ref - PAS04 - Sold Ref - PAS08 - Sold Ref - PAS11 Ref - PAS12 Ref - PAS13 - Sold

Ref - PAS15 Ref - PAS17 - Sold Ref - PAS18 - Sold Ref - PAS21 Ref - PAS25

Ref - PAS28 - Sold Ref - PAS29 - Sold Ref - PAS31 - Sold Ref - PAS32 - Sold Ref - PAS34 - Sold

Ref - PAS35 - Sold Ref - PAS36 Ref - PAS37 Ref - PAS38 Ref - PAS44 - Sold

Ref - PAS46 Ref - PAS47 - Sold Ref - PAS49 - Sold Ref - PAS50 Ref - PAS52

Ref - PAS53 Ref - PAS54 - Sold Ref - PAS55 - Sold Ref - PAS56 Ref - PAS57 - Sold

Ref - PAS58 Ref - PAS59 Ref - PAS60 - Sold Ref - PAS61 Ref - PAS62

Ref - PAS63 Ref - PAS65 Ref - PAS66 Ref - PAS67 Ref - PAS68

Ref - PAS69 - Sold Ref - PAS71- Sold Ref - PAS72 - Sold Ref - PAS73 - Sold Ref - PAS74

Ref - PAS75 - Sold Ref - PAS76 - Sold Ref - PAS77 Ref - PAS78 - Sold Ref - PAS79 - Sold

Smaller Original Encaustic Paintings - The second 50
4"x 3" originals in an 8"x 6" mount

Smaller Original Encaustic Paintings - The third 50
4"x 3" originals in an 8"x 6" mount

Larger Original Encaustic Paintings - The first 50
6"x 4" originals in an 10"x 8" mount

Larger Original Encaustic Paintings - The second 50
6"x 4" originals in an 10"x 8" mount

Ways To Pay
Cheque, postal order, bank transfer, cash (not recommended), credit/debit card via Paypal or Google Checkout.
If you don't want to use the shopping cart, you can email us
or phone us with your order on 01388 602831
For postal orders there is an Order form (for Originals & Prints)

Postage / Shipping
Postage is automatically added at the checkout and is worked out based on the weight of your order.
If it charges you more than you need to pay, I do promise to refund the difference.

UK 1st Class  UK Parcel  EU Airmail  US/Rest of the World Airmail  Non-UK Surface Mail
Up to 100gms £1.90 -  £1.80  £2.30  £1.50
 101-250gms  £2.30 -  £2.90  £4.30  £2.80
 251-500gms  £2.90 -  £4.20  £7.20  £4.10
 501-750gms  £3.50 -  £5.90  £10.40  £6.10
 751-1,000gms  £4.20 -  £7.20  £13.20  £7.30
 1,001-1,250gms  £5.50  £5.50  £8.60  £16.10  £9.30
 1,251-1,500gms  £6.20  £5.50  £9.90  £18.90  £10.60
 1,501-1,750gms  £7.00  £5.50  £11.30  £21.80  £12.30
 1,751-2,000gms  £7.70  £5.50  £12.50  £24.50  £13.40
 2,001-4,000gms  £9.40  £8.20 On Request On Request On Request

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