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When I like one of my wax paintings enough to have a print taken from it. It does get used for other things, especially for things like greetings cards or tobacco tins that are going to get handled. An original wax painting in your pocket, isn't a good idea.
If you check with 'The Gallery', it lists which items are available from which pictures.

Tobacco_Tins / Magnetic_Bookmarks / Magnatic_Address_Books / Bottle_Opener_Keyrings


 Tobacco Tin - £3.99 each

2oz, gold coloured, metal tobacco tins with one of my prints fixed in the lid's recess.
The prints are laminated so they won't be easily damaged, even in the most cluttered pocket.
The lid does seal, which means that it can be used for other things besides tobacco; anything put in there, will stay put until you let it out.


Magnetic Bookmarks - £1.99 each

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 These bookmarks are folded, with a couple of magnets on the inside. The idea is that, they slot over a page, the magnets attract each other and stick together, tightly gripping the page. That way, even if you drop or shake the book, these bookmarks don't fall out.

It's a good idea and it works!


Magnetic Address Book - £3.50 each

Credit card sized address books. Designed to fit in with your other bits of plastic.
Basically a fold out address sheet, sandwiched between two different magnetic pictures. They are magnetic on the inside only, so they don't scramble the magnetic information strip on your other cards.

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Bottle Opener Key Rings - £1.99 each

Another bright idea, this one means your bottle opener is as close as your keys - always handy
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