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Commissioning an original encaustic painting isn't difficult, just tell me what is it you want and I'll tell you if I can do it.
If I can't, I'll tell you why and we'll see if we can work a way around the bit that's causing the problem.

Here are some guidelines to help you decide.

I don't like painting big.
OK, be honest -
I ONLY paint two sizes, 4" x 3" which fits an 8" x 6" frame and 6" x 4" which fits a 10" x 8" frame.

There are some things I can do with an iron and some things I can't (like ironing shirts).
Have a look at the backgrounds in my paintings and decide which bits you like most in them. My paintings are made up of various patterns which can be put together in lots of different ways.
Put your design together from things I have already done and there shouldn't be any problems.
If I've done it once I can do it again. If you like the sky in one painting, the hills in another and the fence from a third, tell me.
For those of you with ideas of your own, if I can do it, I will, but if it works well, bits of it will probably be repeated in other paintings.
Well, where did you think I got my ideas from?

Any you want. The colour of a painting depends on which colour waxes I pick up. If I haven't started it, I can pick up any colour. Mind you some colours go better together than others.
A general idea of colour is best ie don't say 'blue'; blues to green or blues to purple, gives me more to work with and you are much more likely to get a picture that fits where you want to put it.

The figures in my originals are all silhouettes either solid black or solid white. This is because I can't draw. Paint with an iron, yes: draw, no.
Silhouettes are solid, you don't need internal detail ie I can trace round a photograph and use that. If you want a figure in that I have used before, great, I will have a copy of it somewhere. All I have to do is find it.
However if you want something that I haven't used before, I have to find a photograph of it, that looks right in silhouette. Sometimes that isn't as easy as it sounds. If it is going to take a while, I'll tell you. If you have one you want me to use, send it.

The only time a coloured figure appears in any original, is when I hand colour one drawn by someone else.
Normally I use rubber stamps, but if you have drawn something you want me to use. Send me it. In this case it is your drawing, the idea may appear again but your drawing will not.

Time Scale
It usually takes 2-3 weeks for me to get sorted and do an original for someone. Delivery time after that will depend on where it is being sent. If you need a painting by a certain time, tell me, if I can't get it to you by then, I'll tell you before I paint it. Then you can decide if you still want it done.

If you want something done as a present for someone, I'll put on the back that it was painted for them, just give me their name, and please spell it right. Usually I just sign the back of the painting and the mount.
It can also be posted straight to them without a receipt, I'll send you that separately.

View Before You Buy
Once I've done your painting, I'll e-mail you a small copy (or stick it on a web page for you to go and look at, if you would rather). You can see it and confirm that you want it. Then I'll post it.
If you don't like it, say so, explain why and I'll repaint it, hopefully correcting the bit you don't like.

All my originals come in standard size black bevelled mounts.
They don't need to be taken to a framer, you can frame it yourself, using a standard photograph frame.

I don't charge extra to paint a picture especially for you, the prices are the same as for any other of my originals.
I price on size, it's easier than explaining my time for each painting.

A 4" x 3" original in an 8" x 6" mount will cost you £14.99 mounted
A 6" x 4" original in a 10" x 8" mount will cost you £29.99 mounted

Plus postage
of course.
Currency Converter - pop up

I don't want full payment until you are happy with your painting, but I do want a deposite before I start it.
It goes like this -
You decide you want a painting done.
You order it, explain to me what you would like, if I can do it, you pay a deposite.
I paint your picture.
I e-mail you a small copy or stick it on a web page for you to go and look at, if you would rather.
You have a look at it and decide if you like it and confirm that you want it. If you don't, you explain why and I change it or repaint it.
Once you like it, I send you a bill for the balance.
You pay it and I post it.

e-mail me
with the details of what you would like, the size you want and any time limit.
If I can do it, we'll sort out your deposite and take it from there.


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