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These Magnetic Bookmarks are for paper books not computers.
Each bookmark is folded, with a couple of magnets on the inside, hence 'Magnetic Bookmark'.
The idea is that, you slot one over your page, the magnets attract each other and stick together, tightly gripping the page. Even if you drop or shake the book, the bookmark won't fall out.
When you are feeling lazy, clip one sideways over the page. It'll even mark the line you are on. Which also works great for marking that line in the manual that you know you are going to have to read again....and again...
Works on knitting patterns too.
The first 21 are on glossy, coated card (up to Shhhh...I'm Reading) the next 16 are on hard wearing, matt card, except for The Affairs of Dragons and Chaos, Panic & Disorder, they are glossy too.

How to use a magnetic bookmark

It's a good idea and it works!

These Magnetic Bookmarks are available in 37 different designs
£1.99 each

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Two Dragons 138 Purple Castle Reality is for People Who Lack Imagination 043 Dragon's Lair Spider's Web
Lightning 157 Grim Reaper Fantasy Sword 016 Disappearing Tiger Wizard
You're No-one until You've Been Ignored by a Cat 165 Wolf and Owl Elephants Bums 147 Dolphin Falls 164 Spirited Unicorn
Boldly Going... Nowhere 115 Fairy Dragons This would be Funny
If it wasn't Happening to Me
Wishing You... Happiness and Friendship 161 Pixie and Fairies
I'm Reading
185 On Unicorn Crag I Don't Have an Attitude Problem - You Have a Perception Problem Chaos, Panic and Disorder
My Work Here Is Done
You're Just Jealous Cos The Voices Only Talk To Me
140 Bright Eyed Cheetah Cubs I can only please one person per day
Today is not your day
Tomorrow doesn't look good either
114 If Everything Seems to be
Going Well
You've Overlooked Something
Good Pussy Cats Are Just Bad Pussy Cats That Didn't Get Caught 136 Don't Eat Pink Fairies
They're Poisonous

I Don't Suffer from Stress...
I'm A Carrier
Tiger Eyes 123 Unicorn Reflection 5,000 Years Ago
Cats Were Worshipped
as Gods
We Have Not Forgotten
152 Do Not Meddle
In The Affairs Of
For You Are Crunchy And Good With Kepchup

I'm Not Weird
I'm Special
Penguins -
I wore Black
Before it was Cool


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If you don't want to use the shopping cart, you can email us
or phone us with your order on 01388 602831
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