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These address books are different, very useful and small enough to be taken everywhere, along with your credit or store cards.

Each address book has space for 32 names, addresses and phone numbers, but is less than three credit cards thick. It's just another piece of plastic you don't know you are carrying. Until you need it, that is.
The address sheet is concertinaed, then sandwiched between two, thin, one-sided, magnetic sheets.
When you close the address book, the magnets attract each other and it stays shut.
Flex them and they pop open.
One-sided magnets mean they are safe to put in you wallet or purse, with your normal credit or store cards, without effecting their magnetic information strips.
There's no back and front, just two different, lightly, laminated prints.



Another good idea that works!

Magnetic Address Book - £3.50 each

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Print Combinations
One Address Book - Two sides = Two pictures
Choose from the combinations below or pick your own

and and
The Original Enterprise   Next Generation Fairy Dragons Mother and Baby

and and
Kittens   Crying Spirit Friendship

and and
Tigers   Peek-a-boo Ignored by a Cat Bad Taste

and and
Dolphin Falls   Blue Dolphins Red Reaper B/W Reaper

and and
Boldly Going   Dark Space Dragon World Ice Dragon

and and
Blue Wolves   Wolf and Owl (Blue) Spirited Unicorn Unicorn Crag

and and
Stone Circle   Poppies and Stones Pink Wizard Fairy

and and
The Lady of The Lake   Scottish Warrior Cat's Eyes Grumpy Cat

and and
Elephant Bums (Golden)   Elephant Bums (Red) Pixie and Fairies Dragon & Pixie Piper

and and
Cheetah Cubs   Mountain Lion & Fairies Glowing Stones New Day Dawning

and and
Young Stag   Fawns Defender Warriors

and and
Doberman Pincher   Doberman Pincher Dolphin Light Dolphin Sunset

and and
Leaf Dragon   Dragon Skull. Dragon Portrait Regal Dragon

and and
Fairy Dancer   Fairy and Her Pet Rock Flowers Ivy

and and
Golden Retriever   Golden Retreiver Pink Rose Yellow Roses

and and
Rottwieler Sitting   Rottwieler Seahorses Dolphin Playground

and and
Dark Staffy   Staffordshire Bull Terrier Swan Swan - Side

and and
Unicorn Lights (Green)   Unicorn Lights (Blue) Weimaraner Weimaraner

and and
Winter Wolves   White Wolf Shadow Ships Swirl

and and
Wolf & Owl (Orange)   Wolf (Photo) Lioness in the Grass Lion's Pride

and and
Elephants   On Reflection Elephant Sword Maiden Water Nymph

and and
Ridgeback   Ridgeback Face Purple Castle Blue Castle

and and
Dragon World (Purple)   Winter Fairy Dragons Unicorn Reflection Spirited Unicorn

and and
Roses in Peach   Sunflower Wolf On Reflection Tiger On Reflection

and and
Husky   Husky The Pines Dandelions

and and
Blue Wolves   Snow Cat Basset Hounds Basset Hound

and and
Spring Grim Reaper   Spring Grim Reaper Penguins Penguins

and and
Willow Fairy   Fairy and Flowers Alsatian Alsatian

and and
British Bulldog   British Bulldog Beagle Beagle

and and
Springer Spaniel   Springer Spaniel Black Labrador Black Labrador

Personalised Magnetic Address Book - £3.50

After all those, if I haven't managed to match up two you like, just tell me which two pictures you would like together.
Choose from the above and I'll sort them out for you.

Images wanted:-


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If you want more than one of a particular design, you can change the quantity when you view your shopping basket.

Ways To Pay
You can pay by cheque, postal order, bank transfer, cash (not recommended) or online via Paypal.
If you don't want to use the shopping cart, you can email us
or phone us with your order on 01388 602831
For cheques or postal orders there is an Order form (for Originals & Prints)

Postage / Shipping
Postage is automatically added at the checkout and is worked out based on the weight of your order.
If it charges you more than you need to pay, I do promise to refund the difference.

UK 1st Class  UK Parcel  EU Airmail  US/Rest of the World Airmail  Non-UK Surface Mail
Up to 100gms £1.90 -  £1.80  £2.30  £1.50
 101-250gms  £2.30 -  £2.90  £4.30  £2.80
 251-500gms  £2.90 -  £4.20  £7.20  £4.10
 501-750gms  £3.50 -  £5.90  £10.40  £6.10
 751-1,000gms  £4.20 -  £7.20  £13.20  £7.30
 1,001-1,250gms  £5.50  £5.50  £8.60  £16.10  £9.30
 1,251-1,500gms  £6.20  £5.50  £9.90  £18.90  £10.60
 1,501-1,750gms  £7.00  £5.50  £11.30  £21.80  £12.30
 1,751-2,000gms  £7.70  £5.50  £12.50  £24.50  £13.40
 2,001-4,000gms  £9.40  £8.20 On Request On Request On Request

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