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6"x 4" Original Encaustic Paintings in a 10"x 8" Black Mount

Ref PAL78 - Sold Ref PAL79 Ref PAL80-Sold Ref PAL81 Ref PAL82

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Ref PAL90 Ref PAL91 Ref PAL92 - Sold Ref PAL93 Ref PAL94

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Ref PAL 111 - Sold Ref PAL 112 Ref PAL 113 Ref PAL114 Ref PAL115

Ref PAL 116 Ref PAL 117 - Sold Ref PAL118 Ref PAL119 Ref PAL120

Ok, so there isn't 50 yet, but I'm sure there will be, eventually.

Smaller Original Encaustic Paintings - The first 50
4"x 3" originals in an 8"x 6" mount

Smaller Original Encaustic Paintings - The second 50
4"x 3" originals in an 8"x 6" mount

Smaller Original Encaustic Paintings - The third 50
4"x 3" originals in an 8"x 6" mount

Larger Original Encaustic Paintings - The first 50
6"x 4" originals in an 10"x 8" mount

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Cheque, postal order, bank transfer, cash (not recommended) or online via Paypal.
If you don't want to use the shopping cart, you can email us
or phone us with your order on 01388 602831
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 501-750gms  £3.50 -  £5.90  £10.40  £6.10
 751-1,000gms  £4.20 -  £7.20  £13.20  £7.30
 1,001-1,250gms  £5.50  £5.50  £8.60  £16.10  £9.30
 1,251-1,500gms  £6.20  £5.50  £9.90  £18.90  £10.60
 1,501-1,750gms  £7.00  £5.50  £11.30  £21.80  £12.30
 1,751-2,000gms  £7.70  £5.50  £12.50  £24.50  £13.40
 2,001-4,000gms  £9.40  £8.20 On Request On Request On Request

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Encaustic (wax) Painting - How to paint with an iron

Encaustic Paintings by Chris Carrick

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